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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Mountain guide – what it takes

  One of the main aspects of mountain tourism is the guide, whose direct obligation is to take care of the safety of the tourist...

Dambal Khacho – Traditional Preparation Technique

Did you know, why Dambal Khacho has such a distinct taste and texture, from all the other molded cottage cheese? We're about to introduce to...

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გამოფენა exhibiton

3 Contemporary Art Exhibition in Tbilisi Today

With the onset of summer it has become impossible to breathe because of the heat, however the heart beats and there is still enormous...
digital tourism

The importance of using digital tools in the tourism industry

The rapid development of digital technologies has impacted the tourism and hospitality industry as well. The means of spreading information has changed, as well...
wooden huts in georgia

Cozy wooden huts in Georgia

Georgia has so many wonderful places to travel and explore. There are also plenty of accommodation and dining spots. Travelers can choose anything from...