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The Best 5 Movies About Travel

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We recommend The Best 5 Movies About Travel, that will make you start traveling immediately.
there are lots of movies about adventures, travel and beautiful landscapes, lists is practically endless, but here are some movies that we thought would be the best for this blog. Here are…

1. The Way Back
the way back movie
Film is based on a true events in 1940. story about 6 prisoners breaking out from prison, on the way they will meet lots of injustice and difficulties. The film is moving and worth watching.

Duration: 133 min
year: 2010

2. Tracks
The best 5 Travel movies
Movie depicts a beautiful adventure of young women, who covered 2,500 km Australian land, accompanied by camels and loyal dog. Film is based on true story, describing the struggle and strong desire of freedom.

ხDuration: 112 min
Year: 2013

3. Lost in Translation
best travel movies

A beautiful Film, that shows fun and unexpected side of traveling new country. It’s about many little random experiences that stay with you long after you return home. The sight and the energy of Tokyo is depicted magnificently. This movie is considered a classic of traveling movies.

Duration: 102 min
year: 2003

4.Motorcycle DiariesTraveling by motorcycleFilm-Motorcycle Diaries is based on Che Guevaras’ memories. Main character travels through beautiful South America by motorcycle. The scenery will definitely make you want to travel.

Duration: 126 min
Year: 2004

5. Into The WildInto the wild travel movieInto The Wild-is an unbelievable true story about top student abandoning everything to persuade life in Alaska’ wilderness.  It’s an inspiring story that will probably stay with you forever.

Duration: 148 min
year: 2007

In case you prefer Documentary movies over fiction, here are some suggestions of The Best 5 Documentaries That Will Make You Want To Travel

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